SpaceX has signed a record hard: Turkey details!

One of the first companies that come to mind when space is mentioned in recent years and Elon Musk’s dream of space tourism Continuing to work to achieve this, SpaceX broke a record with the Falcon 9 rocket as part of its Transporter-1 mission.

The launch was delayed for 1 day due to adverse weather conditions and at the same time 143 satellites into space sent. In this mission, the Falcon 9 rocket functioned like an Uber and carried hundreds of cubic satellites belonging to different companies into space.

Falcon 9 carried 143 satellites into space at once

Only 10 of the 143 satellites loaded on the rocket belong to SpaceX and they are part of the Starlink project, which targets satellite internet service. Other 133 satellites include both governmental and commercial satellites such as the German Aerospace Center, the US Department of Defense, and Nanorocks.

The ASELSAT 3U Cube satellite, developed by ASELSAN in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University, was also included in the rocket. According to the statement made by Aselsan, when the necessary installations are made in orbit, the high resolution camera on the cube satellite with the X-Band Transmitter will transfer the images it receives at approximately 30 m resolution to the ground station.

What do you think about SpaceX’s sending more than 140 satellites to space at once and the Starlink project? We are waiting your comments..


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