Sony’s electric car on the road

Game technology firm famous for its consoles Sony, In 2020 CES At the event, the electric car S-Vision by introducing it gave an eye to the automobile industry. Showing the prototype of the vehicle at the fair, Sony announced that it created the next generation car to be displayed to companies in the automotive industry.

Sony Vision-S hit the road from the exhibition exhibition

If in the middle of last year Sony, electric car Vision-SHe explained that he wanted to bring ” closer to reality than a prototype. also July technology firm in HOME your car 2020He also announced that he plans to test it at the end.

After the intervening time SonyHe did what he said and started testing his electric car on the road. CES 2021 in the opening speech Vision-S Not to mention a major update on Sony, it announced its EV tool in December. EuropeHe stated that he has released a video clip showing that he is testing it.

First time CES 2020exhibited in and CES 2021 started to be tested on the roads with Sony Vision-S, two 200kW has the engine. Also automobile 100 kmh in 4.8 seconds can reach speed. In addition to Sony’s CES 2020As stated in the automobile level 2 autonomous also has driving. However, Sony says it wants to make the car even more autonomous in the future.


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