Slack has been sold to Salesforce! Here is the agreed price

With the growth of companies, employees communicate efficiently has also become important. Due to the corona virus, many companies also remote work This communication is further to a critical point came. However, the competition in this market is also high. According to the latest news, Slack and Salesforce on sales has agreed. Slack’s financial assistance will strengthen his hand against Microsoft.

Facebook recently incorporated another application.

Slack and Salesforce agree to sell

In a market with large companies like Microsoft, smaller companies like Slack struggle Of course it is difficult. Slack in previous years Microsoft and Google had rejected the purchase offer of many big companies. Even Slack, due to the Teams application coming with office applications, showed as bully and it was difficult to compete.

Before Slack dropped its stock last year For 19 billion dollars was opened to the public. Now, Slack and Salesforce For 27.7 billion dollars has agreed for sale. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said that the two companies came together to collect all aspects of the current workflow. comprehensive platform stated that they wanted to create. In the statement made, Benioff said, “Salesforce and Slack will shape the future of corporate software and are completely digital, able to work from anywhere will change the way everyone works in the world. ” stated his statements.

With this agreement, Salesforce will use Slack’s communication tools. to their own cloud systems will integrate. Developed by Salesforce but not very popular Chatter application it will become history. The agreement between the two parties, In the second quarter of fiscal year 2022 is planned to be completed.


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