Skyscrapers will generate electricity with transparent solar cell

A fully transparent solar cell has been developed in a study conducted by Korean scientists. In this way, with the transparent panels to be produced, it will be possible to generate electricity from windows in our house, high buildings such as skyscrapers or the electronic devices we use.

Transparent panels will be used more widely

On earth changing climatic conditions All eyes will be put forward for five years after the Paris Climate Agreement signed in 2015. to environmental studies was translated. Fossil fuels to prevent global warming, solar energy, water wind power has become a name frequently mentioned in terms of both reliability and abundance. At Incheon National University in Korea Professor Joondong Kim a research team led by it produced the first transparent solar cell. By combining the properties of various semiconductors, the researchers a transparent solar cell They managed to create.

How will windows generate electricity in the future

Solar energy has been in our country for many years. widely used. Translucent materials are used in this system, which captures the sun’s rays and transforms them into energy. Scientists who have carried out studies on the subject believe that the use of translucent conductive layers will become completely transparent. Continuing their work in this direction, Joondong Kim and his colleagues were the first to develop a widely used and well-known semiconductor. titanium dioxide discussed. Titanium dioxide, which is environmentally friendly and does not produce toxins, is another semiconductor with high optical transparency. nickel oxide combined with. As a result of this merger, transparent solar panels that we can use in many areas of our lives in the future have emerged. With the widespread use of transparent solar panels in the world, it is planned to be used in windows in our homes, shopping malls and even in our phones.


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