significant achievements in 2020, the Citroën Turkey

In addition to the aviation and service sectors, the automobile sector also from the coronavirus epidemic it got its share. Although there was a significant increase in vehicle sales, the production capacity of the factories decreased, and those who ordered were faced with long waiting times. Citroën, which has continued to rise in recent years, in 2020 A significant market success in Turkey It was announced that he signed.

Citroën Turkey, in 2020 four steps went up at once

As of March 2019 Groupe PSA Turkey a brand new Citroën team began operations in Turkey in 2020 under the umbrella, 22,254 units are automobiles and 5,226 units are light commercial vehicles. It sold 27,480 units in total.

In this way, the market share from 2.5 percent to 3.6 percent took off. Riding showing 152 percent growth with sales of 22 254 units obtained in Turkey Citroën car market, its market share was the highest increase car brand. Commercial vehicle sales market in Turkey last year by 63 percent increases Citroën brands, ranking rose two places at once he settled in fifth place.

Citroën Turkey Marketing Director Selen Alkım, the assessment it has made for 2021; “The past year has passed under very difficult conditions for all of us, but the success we have achieved shows how quickly we can take action against adverse conditions. We foresee the automotive market to be 700 thousand in 2021.

As Citroën, we aim to continue the success we have achieved in this market by achieving 5.6 percent market share with 39,500 sales. With the launch of the New Citroën C4, which we will realize in the second quarter of the year, we will be an important player in the C-HB segment, which we have not been involved in in recent years.

In the third quarter of the year, our New Citroën C3 Aircross SUV model will be renewed and will be in a more assertive position in its segment. “We will continue to grow steadily thanks to all these new model launches, our strengthening dealer network and our understanding that determines customer satisfaction as our focus.”


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