Signal is back after 24 hour outage

Encrypted messaging app with more than 24 hours downtime Signal, reopened. It was also stated that the company experienced a large increase in new registrations.

Messaging app Signal is back

Another messaging app WhatsApp After announcing that the terms of use would change, many people were concerned about privacy and turned to practices with stricter policies. One of these applications Signal, especially billionaire businessperson Elon Musk His advice also attracted a lot of attention. The application, which has grown in popularity after all these events Friday, January 15 day was disabled due to some technical difficulties.


However, the firm twitter made through in the statement He stated that the problem in question was resolved. Tweet While it was not stated exactly what caused the problem, it was also stated that some users may still receive error messages in their chat. It was also conveyed to the users that the interruption experienced did not have any effect on the security of the application and that other problems would also be fixed in the next updates. Also during downtime Signal of employees of the highest traffic levels It was underlined that he was working as fast as possible to overcome it.

Meanwhile, users are offered two ways to manually clear error messages. Android users to tap the menu in the upper right corner and select the option to reset secure login, iOS users were advised to press the reset session button.


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