Security researcher hacks Nissan brand car

With the development of technology, vehicles have also become smart. Autonomous driving systems and electric vehicles Its proliferation has caused the automotive industry to be exposed to more cyber security attacks. A security researcher, Nissan brand tool infotainment hacked the system.

Security expert hacks Nissan car infotainment system

Especially in electric vehicles, almost every process is controlled by software. For this reason, electric vehicles are more exposed to cyber security attacks.

Security researcher hacked Nissan brand car infotainment system

A cyber security firm in the past months, Tesla Model S managed to remotely control all of their systems by hacking. A security researcher announced that he hacked a Nissan vehicle with a Bosch brand infotainment unit.

The open discovered in the infotainment system, produced after 2015 Xterra, Rogue, Sentra, Altima, Frontier and affects many models, including some Nissan commercial vehicles. The researcher, who hacked the system using a USB device after physical access, announced that he also shared the software he used on Github.

Security researcher in infotainment system Bosch lcn2kai He stated that other brands used can also be hacked thanks to this vulnerability. Click here You can take a look at the transactions made.


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