Samsung will gradually reduce the box contents

Samsung’s brand new devices were introduced at yesterday’s event. We previously criticized Apple for removing the charging adapter from the box content, but later we saw that he removed the ‘charging adapter’ from the box contents. Samsungis expected to implement this move gradually. Samsung charging adapters What path will it follow for?

Samsung will gradually update the box contents for charging adapters

The contents of the box showed itself by decreasing every year in terms of smartphones. In the first place, many brands started not to ship headphones. After that from Apple Headphone and charging adapter with iPhone 12 series The move not to send came. The fuse of the debate was sparked at this point.

Samsung and Xiaomi Many brands, especially those that criticized and hurt Apple, began to turn from their decisions. Among them, attracting attention with its harsh criticism Samsung and Xiaomi takes place. Samsung’s new smartphone series will not only include ‘charging adapter’ but also wired headphones.

Samsung has released a new in the statement include the following statements:

“We believe that gradual removal of charging adapters and headphones from our out-of-the-box device packaging can help address the sustainable consumption problem and remove the pressure consumers may feel to constantly buy unnecessary charger accessories with new phones.


Box contents before decision

Samsung says it has included USB-C charging connectivity in its smartphones since 2017, so older chargers may still be compatible with the latest Galaxy models. With this announcement, although it is thought that Samsung will gradually remove chargers and headphones from all smartphones, of course, this is a guess.

Although the company’s Galaxy A, M and F series phones do not come out of the box with more affordable devices and headphones, at least there is a charging adapter. Customers who buy budget phones may not want to pay extra for the charger. Subsequently, users who pay high prices for a foldable phone from Samsung may not want to pay extra for the charger, despite paying so much. In other words, this is a very complex issue for now and it is one of the issues that users criticize.


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