Samsung partners with auto giants

Technology giant Samsungrealized yesterday 2021 Galaxy Unpacked announced the new generation automotive features at the event. Samsung, SmartThings expanded its functionality with automobile features. With this innovation Samsung Audi, BMW, Ford and Genesis with digital key will establish partnership.

Android Auto will also work with SmartThings

Samsung’s Android Autoof SmartThings This means that vehicle owners can now start and stop their vehicles remotely, as well as control systems such as climate control.

Samsung and Google‘of Android Auto Their work in close collaboration to improve their experience has opened the door to new developments. Samsung and Google welcomes users with a more familiar and intuitive in-car interface with the system they have developed. Same time Android Autoof SmartThings It means that you can control your smart home from your car.

Coming Home with function Android Auto You will be able to manage functions such as the boiler, lights and garage door through it. It is said that even robotic vacuum cleaners and washing machines can be controlled with this technology.

In addition Samsung, to allow cars and phones to communicate with each other ultra wideband using technology digital key embraces its experience. Thanks to this technology, your car will be able to open automatically as soon as you reach the door.

Finally, it is thought that digital key technology will be the limit only with select car manufacturers. According to this opinion Samsung new feature Audi, BMW, Ford and Genesis will keep it limited to.

For now SamsungLittle is known about the application of key technology. Samsung also Apple Confirms that they are working on a new generation digital switch that uses ultra-broadband technology such as, and distracts its opponent.

The next generation digital key is expected to be available this year.


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