Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag viewed live

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series While there was about 15 days before its introduction, it started to appear in the accessories to be announced with the phone. Apple AirTagDeveloped as a competitor to Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag, NCC certification Thanks to it was viewed live.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag appeared

The model number of the Samsung device displayed on the NCC certification website is EI-T5300 and its alias is Galaxy SmartTag. For a Samsung device with a similar model number, the accuracy rate increases as it is certified in Indonesia.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag revealed

When we examine the images, we see that there is a keyhole in the very small device. On the front side, there is the word Samsung GalaxyTag in the circle, while on the back there is only the word Samsung.

What is Galaxy Smart Tag? What does it do?

Smart Tag, Bluetooth Low-Energy disappearing thanks to technology; phone, key, wallet, remote control, headset, etc. special who find your stuff is a viewer. If you are a person who loses your belongings frequently, using this type of trackers can be very useful for you.

Samsung has not made any statements about this device yet. We will learn about the price tag and other details of this viewer, which is expected to be released with the launch of the Galaxy S21 on January 14, next week.


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