Samsung camera sensor increases its prices

Smartphone manufacturers want to stand out not only with their processors or design, but also with their cameras. In the production of camera sensors, Sony and South Korean technology company Samsung are leading. Unable to catch up with sensor production, Samsung decided to raise.

Not only Samsung, but also other companies raised

Smart phone due to the lack of camera sensors in the market, Samsungpricing approximately 40 percent reported to increase. Samsung isn’t the only company doing this, as other providers have also raised prices by about 20 percent.

According to another information transferred, to meet the high demand of Samsung To United Microelectronics Corporation camera sensor processor that he placed the order; however, the company’s production capacity insufficient stated to stay.


Investing in the company’s machine equipment and manufacturing to provide higher capacity United Microelectronics Corporation ‘is said to be planning to transfer to. The report also adds that the agreement between these two companies is currently under discussion.

Samsung’s recently developed mobile CMOS camera sensor to enable the production of processors RAM It is stated that it plans to reduce some of its production capacity.


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