RTX 3060 launched in Pakistan: twice the price

Held on January 12 CES 2021 Introduced with the activity RTX 3060has been awaited by the players for a long time. American video card manufacturer NVIDIAIn general, the best selling cards are xx60 (such as 1060, 2060) models. However, according to the latest news early RTX 3060 price in flight. If the price of the reference model RTX 3060 card is 329 dollars.

Coming with 12 GB of VRAM, the RTX 3060 is a card that intermediate players have been eagerly waiting for.

NVIDIA RTX 3060 may upset those waiting with its price

On February 25 The RTX 3060, which will be officially released, has already started to be offered for sale by various retailers. Based in Pakistan and known as ZAH Computers an official Palit video card vendorRTX 3060 model with 120,000 PKR (about $ 750) over priced. Questions began to arise over the implementation of such a pricing policy by an official seller.

Experienced in graphics cards stock shortagescaused prices to rise. Graphics cards around the world cannot be bought the prices of the cards offered for sale was almost 50 percent increase. Will be available on February 25 RTX 3060 can take its share from these increases. Pakistani seller, card offered for sale early may demand high prices for troubles in stocks may be the reason for this demand.

Price of reference model RTX 3060 329 dollars was explained as. MSI, Asus and Gigabyte Such an increase was not expected, although cards from such manufacturers were expected to be sold at higher prices.

In the first place, with its price, the players in our country are also happy RTX 3060due to stock problems from the high price available for sale. RTX 3060 cards Turkey prices possible Since there is no information about the cards yet, we have to wait for the cards to go on sale.


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