Retrospective tax investigation opened against Youtubers

Treasury and Finance Ministry ofFrom n to Youtubers retrospective 5-year tax investigation opened. The Ministry, through payments made to Google Ireland account of real persons in Turkey 5 years retrospective It officially announced that a tax investigation was opened. YouTube Earnings from social media platforms such as, were previously non-taxable. As the time passes, who found that Youtubers made serious gains from this business Ministry of Treasury and Finance, in recent years, Youtubers taxable stated that it was.

On Youtube platform more than 1000 subscribers when and loaded the limit of watching videos is 4 thousand hours when passed, to the broadcast videos advertisement starting to be given. Many Youtubers, who have earned from these ads according to the number of views, have for not reporting their earnings serious tax penalties was faced with. If you have a goal to produce content for social media platforms such as Youtube, you should be very careful about this issue. Otherwise, you may encounter very serious tax penalties in the future.

Back tax penalties started to increase significantly

Many producers of content on the Youtube platform in our country Youtubernaturally did not know that their earnings were taxable as they started producing content at a fairly young age. However, these gains Ministry of Treasury and FinanceMany Youtubers after stuck on I’s radar 100 thousand TL with Serious tax penalties ranging from TL 360 thousand had been cut.

After the retrospective tax penalties started to increase, Youtubers, President of revenue managementThey started to ask whether the earnings they made on Youtube are taxable or not by applying to. The Youtubers, who thought that they were not subject to tax because they started to produce content at an early age, received the answer that these revenues were classified as commercial activity and taxable because they were based on labor-capital organizations.


In this context, in accordance with Article 37 of the Income Tax Law, it is stated that the earnings arising from all kinds of commercial and industrial activities are commercial income. taxable The answer was given.

On top of all these developments comes 201 liras for one time Receiving Youtube channel owner, even if it doesn’t generate any income submit an empty VAT return every month 64 lira 10 kurus stamp tax will pay. Also, 30 lira 15 kuruş income tax with, 97 TL 20 kuruş for Income Tax Return, for the attached business account summary 35 lira 80 cents will pay stamp duty, Monthly accountant fee for SM or CPA will pay.


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