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Hello to you today Mouse Selection I will give some information about and Mouse Suggestion According to Budgets I will do. Hopefully it benefits your business.

Mouse Selection
Your priorities and features of the mouse stand out in mouse selection.

1. Being Wired: It is important that your mouse is wired. Delays are common, especially in low-budget wireless mice.
Although there are very good quality wireless mice in high budgets, the wired mouse is my priority for low budgets and gamers.
I also recommend an average quality wireless mouse if you are a frequent traveler, but if you are using your computer in a fixed location, wired makes more sense.
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And there is also a variety of mice that are both wired and wireless for high budgets.
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2.DPI value: Your mouse’s DPI resolution is important. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive your mouse will be. The higher the DPI, the more distance your mouse travels when you move it. It is not necessary that the DPI value is always high, if the laser of the mouse you use is of poor quality, it does not make sense to have a high DPI value. It would be more appropriate to use the appropriate DPI value for your monitor resolution (for example 1920 x 1080, the sum up to 3000 DPI) up to the total of two numbers of DPI.
You can change the DPI of your mouse in the mouse settings from the control panel.
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3.Ergonomic: A comfortable and ergonomic mouse that fits in your hand is essential. If your hand is big, it would make more sense to choose a longer mouse. If you use a mouse that is not ergonomic and disturbs you, you will both be uncomfortable and disrupt your concentration.
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4.Quality: The brand factor comes into play here. Good and highly preferred successful brands usually use quality lasers. I say don’t be surprised by the well-known brands. Good material quality is important in terms of long life.
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Mouse Suggestions for Every Budget
Our budgets are;
0-25 TL
25-50 TL
50-100 TL
100-250 TL
250-500 TL
500-1000 TL
Over 1000 TL

I will select the models through HepsiBurada and Amazon. Because they are the two most trusted shopping sites.
First of all, let me state: I do not expect very high performance and quality from budgets between 100-200 TL. I see it as if it works.
0-25 TL

25-50 TL


Often there are office mice.

This is my favorite budget part.

I have to cut the mouse suggestions in this section. I will also add high budgets in the evening (I am dealing with this issue from the morning because the pictures and links distracted me a lot) I wrote the subject completely myself, I did not quote from anywhere.

If you like it, I’ll welcome your comment. If I get good feedback I’m thinking of making the keyboard version too.


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