Radical decision for new iPhones from Apple!

The iPhones, which are among the most popular devices of Apple, are criticized for being offered without major changes, but they remain among the best selling phones. Apple is also pursuing new plans for the iPhone series. You know, iPhones have an important success on the camera side. Apple, which makes a name for itself with its cameras that do not meet the users with large megapixels but still provide very successful shots, offered users an “ultra wide angle” sensor with the iPhone 11 family. Now as it just appeared Zoom capability for Apple iPhone wants to add.

How will zoom technology work on the new iPhones?

Apple is generally known for its “strict” rules in almost all of the devices it develops. The company, which does not welcome big changes, draws attention especially with its breakthroughs in design. According to a new estimate, Apple wants to add its own “10x zoom” feature in the face of the giant zoom capabilities of companies like Samsung.

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This zoom feature, which has been recorded as a feature predicted by some professionals such as Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, can give Apple an advantage. A periscope lens that can offer 10X zoom to iPhone users has come to the fore again. The zoom capability, which seems to be not included in the features that appeared before the iPhone 12 was introduced, seems to be seen on the iPhone 13 or iPhone 14.


Another new story uncovered by The Elec to report Apple ordered a periscope lens from SEMCO. This move means that we can see this lens in Apple’s future models.

This report from The Elec not only includes Kuo’s comments, but also includes information verified by DigiTimes. On Apple signed iPhones This lens installation, which is expected to take place, is really important because Apple, which has achieved a success that is confirmed on the camera side, can reach more people with the newly added lens.


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