Point from Uğur Şahin to the Chinese vaccine debate: Effective …

BionTech CEO Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahinis the focus of discussions Chinese vaccine made an explanation for. Reminding that the vaccine produced in China is 85-86 percent effective, Şahin stated that there should be no harm in terms of the BionTech vaccine or the vaccine of another state.

It was determined that China passed the vaccine through long-term experiments and clinical tests. Dr. Sahin, he said that the important thing is to have a sufficient number of vaccine in Turkey. However, the question as to whether biontech vaccine was produced in Turkey also came the reply.

Uğur Şahin said “effective” for the Chinese vaccine

While the world is busy with the COVID-19 vaccine, BionTech CEO Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin made important statements. The vaccine was developed with Pfizer, he said that he would be sent to Turkey by 550 thousand doses of the first stage. He stated that these first doses will be sent in early 2021. Sahin, also announced that 4.5 million doses of goals to send to Turkey until next March.

indicating that the vaccine was happy being sent to Turkey, Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin, Chinese vaccine He stated that there should be no harm for it. Stating that all the vaccines he has seen so far have had a good effect, Şahin said that vaccines can help.

lucky falcon chinese vaccine

Sahin reminiscent of vaccines manufactured by Pfizer, noted that the vaccine manufacturing venture in Turkey. However, he stated that he did not know whether production will start in 2021 or not. the vaccine was passed to Turkey that produced in Europe.

Stating that it is normal for viruses to mutate, Şahin stated that the test for the mutation in England will be done within 10 days. Stating that they have been working on mRNA technology for 20 years, Şahin stated that they can start vaccine production within 2-3 weeks with the advantage of mRNA. He noted that they will supply 1 billion doses of vaccine to the world next year.

Vaccine 4 months protective

Stating that the vaccine produced had 4 months of protection, Şahin stated that the data would be collected within 2 years. He stated that the data on the vaccines will be revealed within the first 2 months, and they do not have any concerns that there will be changes in the data.

lucky falcon chinese vaccine

For the side effects of the vaccine, “As with other vaccines, headache, pain in the area of ​​vaccination, fever, etc.” Şahin said that the winter season will be difficult for humanity. Stating that first of all, the elderly and healthcare professionals should be vaccinated, Prof. Dr. Şahin stated that with the completion of vaccination in the summer of 2021, it may return to normal by the end of 2021.


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