PlayStation 5 produced with 20 KG gold is on the way

A Russian-based company that produces luxury versions of many technological devices, including iPhone models. Caviar, released last November PlayStation 5introduced a pure gold-plated model.

20 Kg pure gold plated PlayStation 5

Caviar, gold plated PlayStation 5 In its version, it does not touch the technical features of the devices except for the design, as it does in other luxury versions. Caviar’s experienced team PlayStation 5‘I Of 8 layers formed with pure gold takes up. The weight of the gold on the console 20 Kgfinds. This weight together with the remaining precious metals and the device itself 30 Kgreaches. Also Caviar, PlayStation 5is the controller of DualSensealso takes the design of.

Trackpadthe rest of the controller with gold crocodile skin covered with. TrackpadIf we look at the gold plating in will have no functionality looks like There is no price specified for this PlayStation 5, which is covered with pure gold. Still, it is thought to be very expensive.

What do you think of the PlayStation 5 covered with 20 Kg of pure gold? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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