Patent application for foldable phone from Xiaomi

It is known that many brands, especially Samsung, Huawei and Xioami, are working for new foldable phone models. Xiaomi 3 different referenced by foldable phone patent leaked.

Xioami is on the agenda with 3 different foldable phone patents

The year 2020 ended below expectations for the foldable phone market. It is thought that many companies, especially Xiaomi, Samsung, LG and Huawei, will enter the foldable phone market by 2021.

Xiaomi is on the agenda with foldable phone patent

Xiaomi, with the advent of the foldable phone glut 360 degree screen having phone concept Mi Mix Alpha launched the model. Unfortunately, the company did not get any results from the Mi Mix Alpha model.

It was alleged that Xiaomi recently applied for 3 different foldable phone patents. This claim was confirmed with the images released today.

Samsung Z Flip The first patent, which attracts attention with its design similar to the model, has a small screen where notifications can be seen when folded. In addition, it can be clearly seen from the images that the company will appear with a five-camera array.

2nd and 3rd patents are Samsung Galaxy Z Fold It has a similar design with its model. While the first patent image includes a thick bezel and a thin outer screen, in the second patent image, it is seen that the thin bezel and outer screen cover the case. In both models five-camera array takes place.


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