Parental control for Xbox games is coming!

Microsoft, with the holiday season Xbox games for kids who spend a lot of time with parental control brought. Xbox Family Settings It seems like a dream to spend hours in front of the console after the update for the application.

What about parental control for Xbox games?

To be updated by Microsoft Xbox Family Settings With the app, parents get new controls such as account blocking and purchasing, apart from the time limit they previously had.

Accordingly, the application, which previously limited time limits, will also allow parents to block the account to allow children to finish their homework or spend more time with family members.

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According to the update “Pause screen time” The function named will be able to cover a certain period of time or a specific time period assigned by the adult. This blocking can be removed at any time via the app or turned off automatically at the end of the day.

Again, in game purchases, parents, in order not to encounter surprises at the end of the month, “Ask to buy” can activate the option. Thanks to this option, children can also shop for games without the knowledge of adults. blocked is happening. However, if the child has a pre-loaded balance or a gift coupon assigned, the purchase restriction cannot be used in this case.

Xbox games How do you think these new family settings are coming for? Can this feature be used by parents to completely prevent children from playing games? We are waiting your comments.


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