Oxford University explanation for the mutated virus

For a while, our agenda is the coronavirus that has mutated. Although experts say that viruses are likely to change form in this way, Oxford University stated that it is more dangerous than the new virus that originated in South Africa and in England. mutated coronavirus warned for.

Mutated coronavirus spreads further in South Africa

A new mutation of the coronavirus was recently discovered. This virus, which is seen extensively in South Africa, is said to cause great damage in the region. It is not known whether the vaccines are fully effective against mutated coronavirus in this period, where vaccine studies continue at full speed.

Making a statement about the virus in question, John Bell from Oxford University said, ‚ÄúThere is a big question mark whether the vaccine will be effective against the mutation seen in South Africa. “I think it is not possible for mutations to eliminate the full effect of the vaccine, but to a certain extent, they can make vaccines ineffective. Bell emphasizes the necessity of vaccine production for mutations.

Oxford-AstraZeneca, mutated coronavirus

In south africa Oxford-AstraZeneca The mutated virus seen in South Africa may be more resistant to the vaccine, Prof Shabir Madhi, who led the trials for the vaccine, told the BBC. stressed.

The coronavirus balance sheet is very dire in South Africa. Because the number of cases exceeded 1 million 88 thousand. According to the data of the African Ministry of Health, 288 people died in the country within 24 hours. However, the total number of deaths rose to 29 thousand 175 thousand. South Africa, mutated coronavirus He gave details about it and then stopped flights to South Africa where many countries include Turkey.


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