Oppo new patent: Prismatic camera

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppoboth phones and ecosystem It is among the most popular companies with its products. Shortly before foldable and the company, which introduced new design phones, and the innovative company, this time with a different camera design.

Oppo continues to be innovative in camera design

Oppo, other smartphone brands pop-up while busy promoting camera phones; shark fin (Shark-Fin) It introduced devices with different designs such as camera modules. The company has now filed a patent for a new retractable camera module that would allow it to hide its cameras from the back of the phone.

LetsGoDigitalAccording to the information provided by, this smartphone is an dual camera will have the setup. Although we’ve seen smartphones with pop-up windows with dual selfie cameras, the design Oppo plans to make is slightly different. According to the patent, the company wants to place the main camera and two cameras with ultra-wide camera support in the body of the phone.


How does Oppo’s new generation camera design work?

There are no camera sensors inside the pop-up module. Instead, there are two in points on either side of the device, which allows you to take a selfie or an image when the module is turned on. prismtakes place. These prisms will be placed in such a way that the light coming from outside is reflected on the sensor and image will be achieved.

Periscopic This new design is very similar to the camera design; The details and practical applications are not yet clear as it is still in the patent stage. However both prismcan be used to capture a single image. You can get this camera module out of the test labs and easily buy a smart phoneIt is not yet clear whether it will be used as well.


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