NVIDIA resumes production of GTX 1050 Ti

Experienced in the last months stock shortagesforces manufacturers to develop different solutions. Especially on graphics cards the troubles experienced have harassed many players. NVIDIA wants to relieve gamers a bit by releasing their old cards to the market, 1050 Ti production will start. With the production of GTX 1050 Ti to restart, NVIDIA, to the low level will appeal.

GTX 1050 Ti, exactly 5 years ago On January 25, 2016 was announced.

GTX 1050 Ti production restarts

Tech Yes City According to the video released by NVIDIA, GTX 1050 Ti series will re-supply to retailers. Green team, GP107 based With the GTX 1050 Ti, he wants to avoid lower stock shortages. However, there is no clear information about when production will start.

According to the leaks from last month, NVIDIA, RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 SUPER It would start production, but we haven’t seen any movement so far. At this point, NVIDIA’s focus to lower cards there are many reasons to push it. One of them is that the epidemic has increased the demand for entertainment significantly. Many consumers need a new graphics card hundreds of dollars not willing to spend.

GTX 1050 Ti production, miners can also prevent. Graphics cards with 4 GB VRAM are now crypto money mining not suitable for. RTX 30 series graphics cards are suitable for mining, card stocks significantly affected. Many miners who can’t find a card Laptops with RTX 30 graphics started excavating with.


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