Nvidia has made a statement regarding stock issues

Popular video card maker Nvidiahas increased its graphics card sales significantly with the new generation technologies it has produced recently. New generation graphics cards which has become the number one choice of users Nvidiacould not meet the increasing demands and users stock issue lived. Regarding stock problems NvidiaThe explanation came from.

Stock problem is expected to occur in the new generation RTX 30 series

19th Annual JP Morgan Tech / Auto Forum Conferencespeaking in Nvidia Finance Manager Colette Kressmade a statement about the stock problems experienced. Kressstated that it is not possible to keep stock levels in line with customer demands. also KressHe stated that there is not much stock at the moment and he expects this to remain so in the first quarter of the year. This situation indicates that there will be a stock problem until at least April.

Kress, detailing his explanations about stock issues,To talk about supply, we must first discuss demand. Overall we had an outstanding holiday season. Our overall Ampere architecture and ray tracing is truly a real success. This demand remained strong for a long time. Therefore, the supply is currently limited. We think that overall channel inventories – our AIC partners, as well as our e-commerce and retail channels – are likely to be weak during Q1. Our overall capacity could not keep up with the general strong demand we saw. “ said.

In addition Kress, He also assured that Nvidia is working every day to improve our overall supply situation.

Finally, the stock issue will come out soon RTX 3060It is also expected to affect.


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