Nvidia Ada Lovelace architecture leaked

It turned out that Nvidia, which took the competition to the next level with the RTX 3000 series, was working on a new architecture after the Ampere architecture. According to the leaks Nvidia Ada Lovelace architecture from Ampere cards 70 percent will have higher performance.

70 percent performance increase with Nvidia Ada Lovelace architecture

Nvidia was inspired by Ada Lovelace, known as the first computer programmer, to name its next generation architecture.

Nvidia Ada Lovelace architecture leaked

Of new generation architecture AD102 It is stated that it will have the model number. Smaller compute node to provide higher performance (process node) The architecture that we come across with, will have more transistors in this way.

Among the leaked information, the new architecture 64 TFLOP It is also included that. 34 TFLOP Approximately from the RTX 3080 model that came with 2 floors, Microsoft Xbox Series X The architecture, which has 5 times more TFLOP value than the game console, draws attention with its high performance.

In order to increase the competition against AMD using 7nm technology, Nvidia’s Your 5nm technologyIt is claimed that it will switch to e. New generation graphics cards with Ada Lovelace architecture 18.432 CUDA The future with its core is among the rumors. RTX 3090 Considering that the model has 10,496 CUDA cores, it is estimated that the new generation architecture will come up with revolutionary features.


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