New options for Google Meet

Google Meet was used more than ever in 2020. Millions of people attending virtual meetings, attending their classes or performing actions such as video conversations with their loved ones have also increased the demand for video conferencing applications. Google Meet is among the applications where the demand has increased. The application interface, which is very easy to start a meeting, started to gain functional features with the inclusion of new users in the application. Shortly before Google Meet new options won.

Google Meet provides meeting creation with new options

Google Meet started to gain new features after more requests from users. Last april Google Meet’s Gmail We announced to you that the integration was achieved, thus the domain of the negotiations was expanded. Now is Google’s video conferencing app offers a more practical interface for.

Google Meet-new-options-00

Normally a Google Meet meeting To start, you need to create an alias or let Google create one for you. After doing this, it would give you a link that you can share with others. Google is now accelerating this process with a new interface at meet.google.com. So users no longer have to specify a meeting name. Thanks to the instant meeting, this obligation is eliminated.

When users now click to create a new meeting, ‘ create meeting for later, start instant meeting or schedule in Google Calendar‘encounters with options. When you choose the option that suits you, you can easily start a meeting.


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