New invention for quantum computers from Microsoft

Technology giant Microsoftcontinues to do interesting work with quantum computers. In australia University of SydneyMicrosoft researchers, working with researchers from qubit He explained that they had found a way to control it.

Researchers may have found a solution to qubit coherence

One of the biggest challenges with quantum computers is, qubit coherence Considering that it is considered, this situation, which the researchers claim to have found, is very important.

In addition qubit coherenceNote that many errors in quantum computing are caused by their interaction with qubits in a way that changes the quantum states of the environment.

Microsoft Quantum Sydney Principal Investigator David Reilly comments on their discovery as follows;

Each qubit needs to be controlled by a group of wires ranging from the room-temperature electronics shelves to the qubits at the end of the dilution refrigerator, 0.01 degree kelvin, which is close to absolute zero. Controlling qubits in this way is equivalent to about 50 qubits. It cannot scale as an approach to controlling thousands of qubits and beyond. “Pulling cables through electronics shelves is more like the first electronic computers of the 1940s, rather than the integrated circuit chips we have today.” said

Developing an innovative solution to this problem, the researchers said, “GoosberryThey named it. This invention consists of a control chip that allows the control system to scale and alleviate the otherwise existing control wires, signals and bottlenecks. In addition, the control chip consumes very little power so the qubits cannot heat itself.

In addition to Reilly The chip is the most complex electronic system operating at this temperature, the first time a 100,000 transistor mixed-signal chip was powered by 0.1 kelvin, or -273.05 degrees Celsius. BThis study represents a “big step forward” for quantum technology. But there is still “more leap” that needs to be made before a truly useful quantum computer can be developed. But when it does, I hope all the research and development effort that got it to that point will be worth it. ” said.


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