New feature of Google Phone app

All smartphones have a Phone application. Thanks to this application, you can easily make and manage calls. Google also has its own Phone application. Only Google Pixel The application that can be used on phones was launched in the middle of last year. Android phones was opened for use. Now is Google Phone app call recording feature is also available for other phones.

Google Phone app call recording feature expands

Last year, Google rolled up its sleeves to bring call recording support to its Phone app. Not surprisingly, the feature that has been working on for a while was the first Google’s Pixel phones made available for. Later, some Nokia and Xiaomi phones will also have incoming call recording feature for other phones.

It should be noted that although you can install the Google Phone app on almost all Android devices, the call recording feature is only available on certain phones in certain regions. At least that’s the case right now.

Google Phone app call recording-01

XDA-Developers Discovered by, the feature allows you to save numbers that are not registered in your phonebook when they call you. In the sharing about the feature that appeared in the code sequence of the application, when the feature becomes available with a future update, users’record callsThere are some new communication messages that will warn about ‘.

Google Phone app call recording-0

The working logic of the feature lies in the fact that it offers the user two options. In the future, if Google decides to bring the feature to all of its users, it will offer ‘always save’ or ‘cancel’ options to save searches. Providing the support in question with the latest update of the application Waiting.


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