Netflix tests new feature for those who fall asleep

Netflix, which has become one of the most popular content viewing platforms in the world, is also testing its new features. Netflix, which recently tested the shuffle feature, is now Android testing new feature for side. Netflix sleep timer feature targets people who ‘fall asleep’ while watching a TV show or movie.

Users will enjoy the Netflix sleep timer feature

Many users go to Netflix after finishing their work before going to bed at night. Consequently, the number of people who fall asleep while watching a content cannot be underestimated. Netflix has also started testing for sleep timer mode. The feature started to be tested for Android users With it, users can set times such as 15/30 or 45 minutes. In addition, the end of the movie or the episode of the series can be timed.

Netflix sleep timer feature

Similar features have been available for Spotify and similar applications for a while and are highly loved. If the tested feature is liked by a limited number of users, it may come for other devices. The sleep timer is currently available to some Android users and is only available on adult profiles. taking.


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