NASA sends vehicles to the God of Chaos

NASA, with the aim of searching the source of life 2016 in the year OSIRIS-Rex launched the spacecraft named. Reaching the asteroid within two years, the vehicle 60 grams collected samples.

OSIRIS-REX will reach Apofis in 2029

In the examinations made on the sample, it was determined that the sample taken as a result of the meteorite coming out much softer than expected and the collapse of the surface on which the vehicle was located did not work.

Daniel Scheers, Professor of Aerospace Engineering Science, made a statement after the sample examined, “It’s as if the asteroid has a hole in the center, you can fit a few football fields into this space. he reported.

As a result of all these studies, NASA OSIRIS-REX known as the chaos god for a second mission Apophisplans to send to. Bennu who successfully completed his mission on the asteroid and studied the meteorite for two years and collected samples OSIRIS-REXexcites scientists for its second mission.

With the samples collected this year Bennuexpected to leave OSIRIS-REX will sail to the world. However, the vehicle will drop the sample capsule before entering the earth’s atmosphere and will continue its next missions.

Of OSIRIS-REX 2023It is expected to reach the world in. If the vehicle successfully carries out this task, Apophis if his duty is also accepted 2029 It is planned to enter the Apofis orbit in 2017.

Apophysin April 2029states that it will be located closer to the world than television and communication satellites. Expected to reach Apofis in 2029 OSIRIS-REX stands out as an important date for April 2029.


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