NASA is testing a radiation protective vest

For astronauts many problems that can be encountered in space there is. Even meeting daily needs becomes a problem in space, radiation hazard Health threatening factors such as seriously make the job of astronauts quite difficult. The time an astronaut can spend in space, including departure and arrival 6 to 9 months on average it is changing. However, NASA is against radiation to extend this period. a new protective vest the pursuit of improvement.

Found on earth magnetosphere layer it helps protect us from this dangerous radiation in space.

NASA develops radiation protective vests for astronauts

Israeli company StemRad by Lockheed Martin designed for AstroRad vestwas produced to protect responders from radiation. NASA wanted to test the vest to protect its astronauts. Last year for testing To the International Space Station a sample has been sent.

NASA radiation vest

Co-founder of vest manufacturer StemRad and CEO Oren Milstein“We are trying to see if astronauts can wear the vest we developed for as long as possible without pain or discomfort. “A few astronauts will wear the vest while sleeping for no more than 8 hours.”

Normally, NASA does not use protective vests instead of astronauts. radiation shield was dressing. This shield heavy and thick makes it very difficult to wear. However, the newly developed vest from flexible polyethylene is produced and custom made can be designed as. From pelvis to neck covering the body, the vest protects the primary organs more effectively.

NASA astronauts with new vest safely for longer wants to keep it in space.


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