My name on Trump from Instagram and Facebook

The tension between Biden and Trump due to the presidential elections has spread to social media sites. Instagram and Facebook, Personal accounts suspended due to Trump’s actions again activated.

President Trump’s Instagram and Facebook accounts reopened

Facebook and Instagram, about 1 week ago US President had suspended Trump’s accounts. Accounts suspended due to statements to provoke the public were reactivated today.

Trump's Instagram and Facebook accounts reopened

Due to the presidential election, Trump and Biden The tension between the supporters spread to social media. Trump’s statements were first deleted by Twitter. Subsequently suspending Trump’s personal account Twitter, Trump was criticized by his supporters.

Similarly, Snapchat and Discord, which reacted to Trump, suspended Trump’s personal accounts a few days ago.

Trump, whose Instagram and Facebook accounts were closed along with Twitter, announced that he would establish his own social media platform. After about a week, Trump’s personal Instagram and Facebook account became accessible.

To the US Presidency belong to POTUS Twitter, which has reactivated his account, has not yet made a statement about Trump’s personal account.


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