Mutated coronavirus spreads to the USA

First seen in England and threatening European countries mutated COVID-19 this time it originated in the USA. The world has gone into alarm and England Despite the suspension of flights with many European countries, especially with many European countries, the mutated corona virus managed to reach the USA.

The mutated virus has spread to the USA

After the announcement that COVID-19 was mutated, many countries had taken new measures. Turkey had decided to cancel the flights will be made in England. Despite the measures, the new virus managed to cross continents in a short time. The first case in the USA was seen in Colorado. The male patient, in his 20s, was the first person in the country to catch the mutated virus.

coronavirus, Mutated virus

This first case in the Elbert district of Denver, Colorado, was confirmed by the state governor. Associated Pressin the news of description Colorado Governor Jared Police, who was quoted by him, said:

“There’s a lot we don’t know about this new COVID-19 variant. But scientists in the UK are warning the world that this virus is significantly more contagious. Colorado’s health and safety is our top priority, and we will be monitoring all COVID-19 indicators very closely as well as this case. ”

Stating that the patient in question did not have a recent travel history, the authorities reported that they identified close contacts and tried to prevent them from infecting other people. The mutated virus, where the first case was seen in England, has now appeared in 17 countries. There is a travel ban from many countries to England.


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