Multiple device support coming from WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been coming up with new features for a while. WhatsApp has now signaled for the expected feature for some time. WhatsApp multi-device support testing feature to deliver. WABetaInfo discovered by the first place WhatsApp Web trying for.

When WhatsApp multi-device support will be available is unknown

Your feature Android It is stated to appear in WhatsApp beta for Although the feature is not available yet, it is possible to say that it is in beta testing phase. WhatsApp beta for Android is also the first update for 2021, and new terms of service are offered to users in addition to this feature.

WhatsApp Web To use it, you need to open the application on your smartphone and scan the QR code. For the application that you cannot use at the same time with the phone, it offers the possibility to use it on more than one device with the new features. At the same time, when your phone is disconnected from the internet WhatsApp WebThe connection in was also dropped, the message screen was going off. With the new feature, this is also prevented and without an active internet connection on the main device. WhatsApp you can use your account.

WhatsApp multi-device support

Although the feature is not currently available, it is expected to arrive soon for beta users. WhatsApp, a public WhatsApp Web beta when you are ready to present In WhatsApp Web / Desktop settings (In WhatsApp for Android), users will appear. Since it is under development in the first place with new multi-device support some features, such as muting or archiving and deleting chats and messages, may not be used.


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