Movies come true: Flying taxi originated in China

Flying vehicles that we are used to from science fiction movies have come true. Autonomous vehicle company in China Ehang, driverless flying taxi started to serve with.

Movies come true: Flying taxi originated in China

China the world’s first driverless put the urban air transport network at the service of its citizens. In guangdong province of china Zhaoqing guests and residents in the province EH216 AAV He took a model numbered flying taxi and toured the city.

The technical features of the autonomous vehicle used have not yet been announced, but the vehicle It can stay in the air for 1 hour and 130 km per hour It was reported that it could reach speed. Autonomously operating flying taxi, 4G and 5G through the network checking. The two-seater cockpit in total 220 kg weight can carry and 30 km in one go can go a long way.

Driverless flying taxi project, Chinese Ehang and Greenland Hong Kong It emerged with the joint work of companies. It is stated that drones, which are stated to be more advantageous than helicopters, work safer and with less noise and do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Flying taxi serviceAfter the trials in the pilot region, it will be available in other provinces of China. Ehang, the flying taxi market in the coming years at least $ 9 billion in revenue announced that he predicted that he could provide.


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