Minister Koca announced the success rate of the Chinese vaccine

Coronavirus comes to the fore with treatment methods and vaccines developed for a while. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, The success rate of the Chinese vaccine gave information about. Referring to the mutation statement made by the UK, Koca explained the intensive care rates.

Minister Koca explained the success rate and details of the Chinese vaccine

The agenda of the press conference today was the mutation statement made by the UK and the Chinese vaccine. Making a statement about the Chinese vaccine, Minister Koca said, “The vaccines we ordered market The day is on its way. “He used expressions.

Minister Koca gave information about the success rate of the Chinese vaccine

During the first peak of the daily number of cases in our country Around 80 thousand Stating that Minister Koca, the UK’s increasing number of cases by mutation criticized his explanation. Stating that the statement made by England is wrong, Koca said, “Mustation process in September started. In our country, the number of deaths per 1 million population is only 216 and this value is very low compared to other countries. ” said.

Chinese vaccine success rate 91.25 percent Stating that, “Our intensive care units in many cities 100 percent reached the occupancy rate. Kocaeli 45 percent, Adana 50 percent and Antalya 30 percent case reduction was achieved. There is also a serious abortion in Istanbul. This resulted in a 50 percent reduction in polyclinic applications and a 20 percent reduction in intensive care. “He used expressions.


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