LiDAR sensor on iPhone 12 Pro not working?

Introduced in the past months iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Maxin addition to the camera setup LiDAR sensor appeared before the consumer with. Apple says this sensor will improve the users’ camera experience much further, but there are also different opinions of users on this issue.

LiDAR not as effective as Apple suggests

Apple, LiDAR explained that the sensor was very effective both for Augmented Reality and for the camera experience. However, YouTuber Onur Akbaş claimed that this is not exactly the case. You can see the video of Akbaş on LiDAR below.

Expectations for LiDAR sensor, especially ‘portrait mode’ It was to take the photo shoot forward. However, as in the YouTube video above, many users do not use the portrait mode of LiDAR. that it does not affect thinks.

What is LiDAR?

Of LiDAR unfolding Light Detection and Ranging expression, Light Change and Detection is translated. With this scanner, it becomes possible to determine the distances and depths of objects in front of the camera much more clearly. Thus, a 3D digital map can be prepared.

Expectations that this feature will improve portrait mode stem from the sensor’s ability to detect the distances and depths of objects. However, on iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max devices, in portrait mode There was not much difference compared to previous generation iPhones.


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