LG develops next generation digital car key

South Korean tech giant LG Groupelectrical component unit of LG Innotekwill enable smartphones to replace car keys digital car key module announced that it has developed.

Smartphones will replace the car key

Technology company LGThe digital car key module to be developed is equipped with high-precision position sensing feature and improved security stated that it has functions.

Already available digital car key It is stated that the modules have a lower level of accuracy in terms of location detection and are vulnerable to piracy.

But LG Innotekof the module currently developed by five-fold expressed to be more accurate. This will make it easier for drivers to find their parked vehicle, unlock or lock the car doors, and start the car engine using their cell phones.

In addition, LG Innotek, ultra wideband (UWB) technology, NFC He explained that he increased the accuracy in location recognition by applying the technology and the algorithm he developed himself to his new module.

The company also claimed to use its own anti-hacking technology to increase the security of the module. Ryu In-soo, head of the company’s automotive components and electronics business division, said on the subject, “The error range of the module between the smartphone’s location and the recognition position has been reduced from 50 centimeters to less than 10 centimeters.” said.

At the same time, LG Innotek, the new module customized claims that it can provide a driving environment. If more than one person shares the same car, the module can be used for individual smart your phones senses its position and optimizes the driver’s seat or side mirror. The driver can determine who is in the seat, even if it is in the vehicle with the same digital key.

The digital car key module developed by LG summarizes as follows; LG’s digital car key module is compact and slim. The module contains about 60 components, including radio frequency and power blocking elements. With its compact size, it can be freely installed anywhere inside and outside of a vehicle. ”

Finally LG Innotek, 2022 will mass-produce the digital switch module until the year Working on a digital switch standard for mobile device-to-vehicle connection “Car Link Consortium (CCC)” Complying with the standards set by LG, it aims to sell the module it has developed to global automobile companies.


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