Launch from SpaceX to carry a record number of satellites into space

Space company owned by the world-famous billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk SpaceXwill take 143 small satellites into low Earth orbit at the same time. Transporter-1 completed his final preparations for his mission. US-based firm to launch pointing to a new turning point, Turkey will take place 17.55’t with time.

Falcon 9 will carry 143 satellites into space at once

We have also broadcast live before Turksat 5A communication satellite SpaceX firm, which has successfully launched into space, will carry a record number of satellites to low Earth orbit in its new mission. Scope of duty Falcon 9 rocket, 133 commercial and government satellites, 10 Starlink satellite in total 143 small satellites orbit.

SpaceX, with Starlink, a global internet project developed for regions with limited internet access, until 2027 high speed internet service aims to give. As of that date, a total of 12,000 satellites are expected to be activated in low Earth orbit.

starlink falcon 9 rocket

Preparing to set a new record by moving 143 small satellites into space in a single take off SpaceXwill have completed another very important milestone. Meanwhile in question Transporter-1 missionLet’s share with you that it is the first mission to be realized within the scope of the ‘SmallSat Rideshare’ program launched in 2019.

As always, the Falcon 9 rocket will return to earth after leaving its satellites in low orbit. South African American entrepreneur Elon Musk‘S owned SpaceX, Transporter-1 mission to the city Cape Canaveral in Florida 17.55’t Turkey time Kennedy Space Centerwill perform from.

If you wish, you can download the launch in question as SpaceX’s picture From the YouTube page You can follow it live.


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