Latest status in ‘WhatsApp migration’

Updated by WhatsApp service contract Later, many users preferred to boycott the company. Telegram, WhatsApp and Beep applications number of active users We have compiled the latest situation about.

Current WhatsApp, Telegram and BiP active users

KVKK and Competition Authority There was a serious decrease in the number of WhatsApp users in our country after the investigation initiated by. Many users Telegram, BiP and Signal Some users stated that they will wait for February 8, while they are turning to alternatives such as.

Number of WhatsApp, Telegram and BiP active users

Recommended by Elon Musk Signal, Although it provides secure messaging, it is at the bottom of the list of preferences by our country users due to its simple interface and less features than other alternatives.

The users liked the fact that there are more features in Telegram and BiP applications compared to both WhatsApp and Signal and the system called bot can be integrated. On January 1 42 million WhatsApp, which has daily users, loses about 6 percent users within 10 days 39.8 million back to the user.

Telegram on January 1 4.41 million users with an increase of 272 percent within 10 days 12.02 million reached the user. While BiP had 3.94 million active users on January 1, 174 percent reached 6.87 million users with an increase.


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