Last warning from the Ministry to Twitter and Pinterest!

Publicly known as social media law Within the scope of the amendment in the law numbered 7253 It is now known by everyone that platforms with a daily access of more than 1 million are obliged to appoint representatives. At the Turkish Grand National Assembly Digital Media Commission, Twitter and Pinterest Last warnings were made for.

Twitter statement from the TBMM Digital Media Commission!

Before reaching the advertising ban phase, a representative was appointed to our country by Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Dailymotion and VK. Currently unable to appoint representatives Advertising on Twitter and Pinterest currently forbidden.

In the next step, band narrowing will be applied to companies that still cannot appoint representatives. In this context, if Twitter and Pinterest insist on not assigning representation, the bandwidth will be limited soon.

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Dr. Omer Fatih SayanIn a statement made on his Twitter account, he continued his explanation by saying “The last option we want to narrow the band traffic of Twitter and Pinterest, which cannot appoint a representative”, is as follows;

Our hope is that they inform their representatives as soon as possible and fulfill their obligations. Until now, we have not allowed fascism in the digital world, and we will not. We keep the digital and communication rights of our citizens above all else


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