It was feared! The mutated virus in Turkey

First seen in the European countries in the UK and then in the USA mutated virus in Turkey detected. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca He announced that 15 people with the mutated coronavirus were kept under control.

The mutated virus was found in Turkey

After being seen in England for the first time, the next stop of the mutated coronavirus, which attracted attention especially with the measures taken in Europe, was Italy. With the arrival of travel bans, officials trying to prevent the spread of the virus are also trying to speed up the processes at the vaccination point.

Despite travel bans in European countries, the mutated new virus, which was transported to an intercontinental point, was last detected in the USA. The new virus, which spread to other countries in a short time, continues to scare. The United States and then suffered the virus to Turkey, it was announced in a statement issued by the Ministers husband.

Fahrettin Koca

Turkey had specifically restrict journeys made in the UK. Although the restrictions have come to Turkey from the mutated virus, also it reveals the propagation velocity. About subject Fahrettin KocaThe statement of was as follows:

“In the investigations made due to mutation originating from England, mutated viruses were detected in 15 people who entered the country from this country and were taken under control. Entries from England to the country were temporarily suspended. “

To remind you, the course of coronavirus varies on the basis of countries. Spain recently announced that the number of cases increased by 35 percent compared to last week. The number of daily coronavirus in patients with newly disclosed data, Turkey landed less than 2 thousand. In the newly reported data 158 thousand 103 in Turkey coronavirus test in the last 24 hours done. Of these tests 12 thousand 203 of them were positive. 212 people however, he lost his life.


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