It is possible to steal data from computers without internet via Wi-Fi

According to the discovery of Israeli researchers, computers to transfer data over Wi-Fi be connected to the wireless internet not necessary.

It is possible to steal data from a computer without an internet connection via Wi-Fi.

Businesses, without even connecting their devices to a local network, so that attackers cannot access their confidential information, “air gapIt tries to protect it with a method called ”. Although it sounds like a safe method, it is not difficult to infiltrate such devices or networks.

The methods found by expert researcher Mordechai Guri from Negev Ben-Gurion University on how to obtain this information are gaining importance. However, according to a new study, from an isolated computer Using Wi-Fi to infiltrate data there is a new way and that too Air-Fi is trying.

What is Air-Fi and how does it work?

The reason why the Air-Fi method works so well is that you can access the device even if the computer to be accessed does not have Wi-Fi hardware. In this method, instead of using a network connection, DDR SDRAM memory path Using for 2.4 GHz electromagnetic emission It can run through malicious software placed on a device.

This software can encode the necessary data in electromagnetic transmission with certain variations and can capture and hold these signals, including any device with a Wi-Fi receiver, even a previously leaked device. By any device we mean a smart phone or even a smart light bulb.

When we look at it from a cyber security perspective, Air-Fi is almost a bleeding wound. In order to access data on an isolated computer with this method, there is no need to circumvent additional security such as administrator permissions and the process is completed with a standard user account.

Researchers, the hardware of the leaked device and the leaked device without any malfunction. At 100 bits per second from a distance of 2-3 meters It states that it can transfer data. Air-Fi is slower than other methods at this point.

How to take precautions against Air-Fi leaks?

You can protect yourself from the Air-Fi method using electromagnetic emissions by:

– Do not allow any external devices — not even push phones — to be brought into your business.

– Monitor your isolated systems continuously for suspicious situations.

– Never bring devices with Wi-Fi access close to your isolated systems.

– Keep your computers in the Faraday cage.

Faraday cage: It is a casing that is covered with electrically conductive metal or knitted in the form of a mesh with conductors, protecting the inner volume from external electrical fields. It was named “Faraday cage” in 1836 because it was the invention of British physicist Michael Faraday.

Just like other similar methods, Air-Fi is not a quick and easy option as conventional cybercriminals can use in their daily attacks. Because it works without the need for administrative permissions, Air-Fi is a possible alternative to be used by more espionage and private names. More information about this method from this research you can reach.


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