Is Telegram safe? How to use Telegram?

World’s most popular instant messaging app WhatsAppIs home to over 2 billion users, but FacebookThe data sharing decision taken by WhatsApp on WhatsApp Telegram led him to prefer alternative applications such as. In this article, Is Telegram safe? How to use Telegram? We answer questions such as.

Great interest in Telegram after WhatsApp’s decision

The US social media giant Facebook, which has a high record in data security and privacy, made a critical change in WhatsApp, one of the most popular platforms within its structure, of user data Sharing with Facebook had made it mandatory. But here it is necessary to mention an interesting detail.

Users living in European Union countries, new WhatsApp privacy terms They had not even considered as applications continue to use the old edebilecekk that this situation will not be available to users in Turkey.

In other words, users who do not approve the contract in question will have to say goodbye to WhatsApp. Many people, through their Twitter accounts #WhatsApp It shows the reaction of Facebook’s decision with the tag.

Following the WhatsApp update WhatsApp agreement users due to Russia-based Telegram application started downloading. So, what is Telegram positioned as WhatsApp’s biggest competitor? Is Telegram safe? How to use Telegram? Here are the answers.

What is Telegram?

Instant messaging application established to be an alternative to Whatsapp Telegramcontinues to increase the number of users every day. Telegram, which has been seen as the biggest competitor of WhatsApp recently and has already reached millions of users, continues to grow day by day and reaches more people.

Russian programmer Pavel Durov Telegram, founded by multi-platform support It is a security-focused instant voice and video messaging application that offers feature. Telegram, which started operations in 2013, serves its users with both mobile and desktop applications.

Is Telegram safe?

Telegram application, WhatsApp and Line It is considered to be more secure than global messaging applications such as. Built on time-tested algorithms to make it compatible with high-speed transmission and reliability in low-security networks, Telegram works with the MTProto protocol.

Both WhatsApp and Telegram end-to-end encryption feature, but WhatsApp’s new privacy policy makes it pointless. Telegram is constantly encrypting messages in their chats.

Telegram; It stands out with its private chats, incognito mode feature and optional security layer. The self-destructing messages feature also puts WhatsApp behind in this competition.

How to use Telegram?

The way Telegram is used is very similar to WhatsApp. When you download and open the application, you will be greeted with a screen asking for your phone number. After completing the necessary steps, you are finished with the installation. You can create a new group or make a new call from the menu button. You can use the links below to download the Telegram application.

Android for from here,

For iOS from here.

What are the Telegram features?

  • You can easily register with your phone number. However, the user name can be contacted without giving a phone number.
  • There are self-destructing messages with a timer. If a sent message is requested, it can be automatically deleted from both devices after a specified period of time.
  • It is a cloud based messaging application. In this way, the software appears on every platform within seconds, and the content is matched immediately.
  • The servers of the application are scattered. In other words, data sharing and matching is done very quickly thanks to the servers located in various parts of the world.
  • When you delete a message or content, it is automatically deleted from the other party.
  • It offers the chance to edit the misspelled messages later.
  • It has the ability to send documents or all kinds of files in different formats. There is no limit to the total number of files shared or sent.


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