Is its performance enough? MSI GL75 Leopard review

Today, many users prefer laptop gaming computers due to both size and performance. Attracting attention with its features MSI GL75 Leopard of model review video We are with you.

Attracting attention with its features MSI GL75 Leopard examination

ShiftDelete.Net We continue to appear with different content on the YouTube channel. In this video, we examined the MSI GL75 Leopard model, which stands out with its performance. If you wish, let’s not extend the word any longer and leave you with our video.

Your strength Intel 10th generation 10750H model receiving from the processor, 32 GB RAM comes with. Operating at 2.6 GHz frequency 6 cores The processor, which we encounter with, exceedingly meets the expectations. 256GB M2 SDD and 1 TB 7200 Rpm HDD The model that comes with has enough space for storage.

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti Unfortunately, the model with the graphics card does not have ray tracing support. 120 Hz has a refresh rate 17.3 inch IPS The device that comes with the screen is also very assertive in cooling. We can easily say that the device with 7 thermal cooling pipes does not have a heating problem.

With macro feature RGB keyboard The model, which increases the enjoyment of the game with it, has managed to raise the bar in terms of button feel to the next level.

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