IOS 12.5 update arrives for old iPhones

Apple yesterday iOS Update 14.3 released. Can’t get this update containing some bug fixes iPhone There has also been an update for its users. Apple shared another update for older iPhones under the name of iOS 12.5 update. Thanks to this, exposure notifications were also made available for older iPhone users. Here are the updates and details:

IOS 12.5 update for older iPhones

We know that Apple makes its users happy about giving updates. Apple, which provides the iOS 14 update for the iPhone 6S Plus, which was released in 2015, is also offering this update for the first generation of the iPhone SE. Apple, which keeps even its phones that are almost 6 years old up to the days before we enter 2021, also thinks of the users who do not have the iOS 14 update.

The iOS 12.5 update, released for users with older iPhone models, brings COVID-19 exposure notifications to users’ phones.

iOS 12.5 update for older iPhones

Basically, the update focuses on presenting these notifications to users. Expectations should not be too high from this update, which also focuses on some security vulnerabilities, as the update already focuses on exposure notifications.

Regarding how exposure notifications work: First of all, it is a service that comes into play thanks to the Bluetooth feature of these phones. Thanks to this feature that sends notifications in order to maintain social distance, users are warned. Users can also enter coronavirus test results into the system. Thus, when you are near someone with a positive test, you can be notified.


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