Intel Alder Lake-S processors introduction date has been announced

At CES 2021 Rocket Lake his family flagship i9-11900KIntroducing Intel, it keeps its biggest trump card at the end of the year. 14 nm production line The last member of the Rocket Lake family, also LGA 1200 socket also the last member. With Alder Lake-S family To LGA 1700 socket planning to get past Intel, the main power burst 12th generation Intel processors will live with. Intel expected to arrive at the end of the year Introduction date of Alder Lake-S processors it was also clear.

In the 11th generation Rocket Lake family double digit IPC will increase.

Introduction date of 12th generation Intel Alder Lake-S processors revealed

Known for leaks on Twitter @unikoshardware, 12th generation Intel processors revealed some details about it. Based on Intel Alder Lake-S processors in September of this year will be introduced. So early arrival of Alder Lake processors, in fact 11th generation Intel Core Rocket Lake desktop processors can also mean stillborn.

Z490 motherboard Although it is not unreasonable for an owner to upgrade to an 11th generation Intel Rocket Lake processor who will collect the system from scratch It will be better to wait for the end of the year. If you are just a gamer, Ryzen 5 5600X, i5-10400F and i7-10700F Such processors are still a good alternative at the mid-to-high level.

The resulting information is not limited to the release date of Intel Alder Lake-S processors. Intel with Alder Lake-S processors 10 nm SuperFin production will pass. In addition, we see in the smartphone industry but are not used to desktop processors. of hybrid design It is expected to come to life with Alder Lake-S processors. Expectation, İ9-12900K processor 16 cores / 24 threads to come with its design.

12th generation Intel processors

Of these 16 cores 8 of them are performance oriented while happening 8 of them are efficiency oriented it will be. In performance-oriented kernels 2 tracks while in efficiency-oriented kernels to one watch will be included. In addition to all this, 12th generation Intel processors socket and MIM development comes with. Thus, Intel makes sure that the voltage supplied to the processors to deliver a more balanced and effective way will provide.

Are you more curious about Intel Alder-Lake S processors or AMD Ryzen 6000 series processors?


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