Instagram’s rumored feature is on the way

It was said that Instagram would hide likes that have been in posts for a long time. This feature, which was tested on some user accounts at some point, was shelved a while ago. Besides thousands of people who emphasize the importance of likes and comments on social media platforms, there are important scientific researches that these features make most people obsessive. As the topic of discussion started to cool, Instagram’s ability to hide likes it turned out to be continuing his work.

Instagram’s like hiding feature surfaced again

It is said that Instagram plans to present likes as a feature that can be turned off / on at will, instead of hiding them for everyone. This feature of Instagram He reports that he received positive feedback from users in the first place in the tests he started for.

The recommendation by the British Information Commissioner’s Office to hide the number of likes on social media seems to have found a response on the Instagram side. It is stated that the main idea of ​​hiding likes is to prevent young people from directing themselves and making wrong decisions for the sake of likes.

Instagram two new features

Let’s get to the steps Instagram has taken about the feature in question… The tests of the feature launched in Canada in June last year, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil It is known that it is gradually introduced to other countries such as. There are currently thousands of users around the world who can experience this feature. Nevertheless, this feature, which is accessible to a small percentage, appears again with new details identified by Alessandro Paluzzi.

With this feature, in posts hidden likes It is said to include only names. In other words, when the likes are entered, the names will be seen again, but the ‘number of likes’ will not be seen. This feature, which is currently under development, is tried to be shaped by suggestions from users.


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