i9-11900K boosts to 5.3 GHz, rivals Ryzen 9 5900X

New in 2021 Rocket Lake-S processors Preparing to introduce, Intel plans to retake the throne. Ryzen 5000 With the advent of series processors single core crown Intel’s new processors lost to AMD At the end of march expected to introduce. 11th generation processors double digit IPC (number of commands per cycle) increase is expected, while the flagship of the series is Intel Gaming performance of the i9-11900K processor also leaked.

Although the game performance of the processor is unstable Via CPU-Z the result may worry AMD.

Intel Core i9-11900K gaming performance revealed

At the end of march Rocket Lake-S processors planning to launch Intel, LGA 1200 socket will introduce its last members. In the second half of the year Alder Lake processors are expected to be introduced, with these processors To LGA 1700 socket hello will be said. If AMD At the end of 2021 Whether it will introduce the new Ryzen processors is not yet clear. Red team, in reply Ryzen 5000 XT can also launch the series.

Reaching 5.3 GHz CPU-Z test on single core side 708.7 points The gaming performance of the Intel i9-11900K processor could not deliver what was expected. GTX 1660 Ti in the system under test, Locked to PCIe x16 1.1 standard it is thought to be unable to reflect the full power of the processor. Otherwise the i9-11900K from the single core test 670 points domain AMD Ryzen 9 5900XHe manages to beat 38.6 points. 8 cores / 16 threads the processor that comes with it is naturally in multi-core test Ryzen 9 is far from the 5900X.

Chinese YouTuber ChaoWanKe in tests by the i9-11900K in League of Legends with the GTX 1660 Ti 225 FPS seems to give. Ryzen 9 5900X from the same test 420 FPS taking. In PUBG 215 FPS area i9-11900K, 230 FPS area is being refreshed to Ryzen 9 5900X. Another game test CS GO5900X and 11900K processors respectively. 333 and 213 FPS taking. However, as we said, these results are due to the GTX 1660 Ti being locked to the PCIe x16 1.1 standard. In addition to all this, engineering example of the processor There is also a possibility that

From the 14 nm manufacturing process The future Rocket Lake-S series Cypress Cove It comes with architecture. On the desktop side 10 nm SuperFin production will be started with Alder Lake processors.


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