Huawei surprises: 90 patents from BlackBerry

While smartphone manufacturers were competing fiercely on the patenting side, an interesting move came from Huawei. 90 patents from Huawei BlackBerry took. Most of these patents are said to be about security.

Huawei buys 90 patents from BlackBerry

Huawei’s smart phones, Android While he was at an important point among phones, he suddenly started having problems with the USA in 2019. Later, the company encountered certain restrictions and drew attention with its own operating system, processor and many ‘Huawei signed’ steps through different scenarios. The China-based technology company is now on our agenda with a completely different issue.

Continuing broadcasting in Canada The Globe and MailIncluded Huawei’s new patent move. BlackBerry’s CFO Steven Capelli made some statements about these patents in the report that appeared earlier this week. Now, the news reports that the records from the US Patent and Trademark Office (US PTO) confirm the transfer of intellectual property, namely patents.

90 patents from Huawei BlackBerry

There is of course no official statement on the subject at the moment, but some of these patents are related to those received in the US, according to BlackBerry. In addition, there are details about the basic features in addition to security in this purchase move, according to a patent lawyer. For example, how texts will be presented and how GPS data is obtained like.

BlackBerry CEO John Chenannounced that the company was no longer interested in the smartphone business and turned its route into the software world.


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