How to use Android Auto: Is there in Turkey?

Android People with phone and driving ‘How to use Android Auto?‘wonders the answer to the question. Because many users Android Auto software Turkey thinks it is not used for. However, there are differences in usage depending on the smart phone and car model you own. For this reason, some users enjoy Android Auto in their cars, while some users can only use the call and music features via Bluetooth connection.

Before I start writing ‘Is Android Auto in Turkey? ‘ Need to address the question. The answer is ‘yes’. However, the absence of Android Auto on some phone models makes the feature impossible to use. On the other hand Google Play Store for Turkey when prompted to download the Android Auto ‘This item is not available in your country.’ warning shows itself. For this, some users download the Android Auto APK and install it on their Android devices.

How to use Android Auto in Turkey?

To use Android Auto, you first need a car that supports Android Auto. While many cars today have advanced multimedia systems, some do not support Android Auto. For this reason, it is not possible to use Android Auto in multimedia systems that do not have support. However, Android Auto must also be found on Android devices owned by users. When these two supports are provided, the necessary conditions are met.

BasicallyHow does Android Auto use it?‘We have given the answer to the question. But the rebellion and causing many users to Android Auto Let’s look at the reasons which have led to work in Turkey. The first of these is that Android Auto support, which is embedded in Android models, is not included in some models. Android use cannot be provided on car screens due to the support that is not included in the ready models.

To manually install and use Android Auto, which does not come with embedded software, you need to apply to the Google Play Store. However, for users with Android Auto, which has met since 2015, still support Turkey, provided on the store not the case. This causes users to be victims.

There is an APK installation solution for users who cannot download the software from the store. Thanks to APKs on some websites, the Android Auto experience is provided in cars. However, it is not known how safe the downloaded APKs are. For this reason, some users do not want to download APK for security purposes.

How do some users use it if it doesn’t download from Google Play Store?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, some Android models come with this feature embedded. It is stated that especially with the transition of the devices to the Android 10 version, there is more support embedded. For this reason, some lucky Android users can control their devices through their car’s multimedia system. Android Auto’s website states which brands and models of cars are supported.

When you find out that your Android model and your car have Android Auto support, the process is very simple. Cars provide Android Auto support in two different ways, wired and wireless. If your car offers Android Auto via wireless (Bluetooth), you need to start Android Auto from the multimedia system after connecting your device. To start, your vehicle may need to be in a stopped position with the handbrake on. For this, the multimedia system and messages that direct you on your device appear.

If the multimedia system in your car supports wired connection, you need to start Android Auto via the multimedia system after connecting the cable. For wired connection, the vehicle may need to be stopped in a standing position and with the handbrake on. However, it is necessary to allow Android Auto connection on the device.

Android Auto supported applications can be used on the multimedia system, calls can be made and incoming messages can be viewed after it is started. In addition, the indispensable music of cars can be listened to. As the greatest convenience, navigation adjustments can be made with Google Map support. Thanks to the map on the larger screen, the journey can be easier with navigation. Voice command feature can also be used with Google Assistant support. Thus, there is no need to take a phone while driving. When using Android Auto, it is also possible to read incoming messages to Google Assistant. In addition, sending is provided by writing a message with a voice command.

As well as Google applications, tertiary applications can be used on Android Auto. However, these applications must provide support for Android Auto. It is not possible to say that a large number of applications support this feature yet.

When using Android Auto, if you are using a wired connection, your phone is also charging. Thus, it is possible to ensure constant high battery usage.

Editor’s note

‘How to use Android Auto?’ We came to the end of the article. Whether your car has Android Auto support from here you can check. I Redmi Note 8 Pro I used my phone on the 2020 Renault Megane and 2020 Skoda Scala without manually installing Android Auto. Since my phone is Android 10, it provided me with Android Auto support embedded.

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